06 Aug 2009 @ 7:33 PM 

No, I’m not talking about the Bush administrations federal budget.

Early this morning both Twitter and Facebook were victims of Distributed Denial of Service attacks.  (DDoS)  The attack seems to have hit Twitter first, bringing the social network site to it’s knees.  Shortly after Facebook also began experiencing intermittent issues, though it seems that the Facebook system handled the attack better than Twitter.

In theory, the attackers could have executed a buffer overflow attack by sending packets with 141 characters to the web servers.  Ok.. that’s a lie, but if you know what it means then it’s probably pretty funny.  At a minimum I amuse myself.

Personally, I don’t tweet.  I am even bothered by the SMS protocols restrictions.  For non tech speaking readers, that means I wish text messaging supported more than 160 characters.  140 is just absurd.  Now the Extended SMS protocol does support up to 1000 characters *i think*, but for the most part, cellular carriers don’t use XMS (eXtended Message Service).  Especially if your texting to a cell phone using another carrier.

I read one report about the twitter attack where a marketing executive in Manhattan complained that she couldn’t get to twitter, and didn’t know where to go to find answers because she gets all her news from twitter.  wait..  you get ALL of your news in 140 characters or less?  seriously?  The average news report i read is about 2 pages long, but hey, whatever suits you.

Speaking of the inherent limitations of communicating in such short bursts.  Did you know that Congressmen and Senators tweet with each other while in session?  Yeah, so the people who are running our country are sharing their opinions with each other this way.  I’ll say it one more time.  140 characters or less.

Below is an actual simulated tweet from the congress floor.

Ithink th $ 4 Kulnkerz iz huge sucess the $ alocated wuz sposd2 last 3 mnths and we 
ran out in 1week Oh wait the black guy iz taking again.

Here is some input from twitter users in real life (IRL).

This is the 22 year old stripper you have been chatting with.

140 characters or less is fine for me because I don’t actually have anything important to say!  This morning twitter was down when I was trying to tell everyone that I bought a pumpkin that looks just like my butt.

Ok, I’ll stop now.  Please click my advertisers.

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