18 Jun 2009 @ 1:37 PM 

Ever see a president swat a fly?  Yeah, well how about in the oval office?

Here’s the dramatic sequence of events as it unfolded.

The scene seemed fairly typical.  Nothing amiss.  Though during a CNBC interview between President Obama and CNBC reporter John Harwood, there was an unseen menace lurking about, ready to unleash his fury.  Being one of earths most pervasive and intimidating creatures, the common housefly has been known to cause immeasurable damage though means such as infestation, and pestilence.  Luckily for the US public, we hired the right man for the job!

As the lurking menace reared his ugly head, Obama utilized his Presidential authority and took action.  Without conferring with his top aids and diplomats, without UN approval, to the shock and amazement of the world, Obama used ninja like reflexes, swatting the fly down to earth beneath him.

True story. Obama one, fly zero.

Keeping to his integrity as a reporter, and dedicated to relaying the whole story, Harwood described the scene as “Niiice!”.  The oval office broke into applaud, truly a respectful display of appreciation for the danger that our Commander In Chief took head on, without fear, casually commenting “Whadaya think of that Gibbs!?”, “I got that sucker”.  And yes, yes he did get that sucker.

Instantly, the TV headlines showed a new clip.  “President Obama swats fly during CNBC interview at White House”.  The stock market jumped.  People gathered in the streets to celebrate.  Terrorists everywhere slept uneasy that night.

Ok, maybe I exaggerated a little bit on that last paragraph, but still, clearly we chose the right man for the job.

All hail the commander in chief!

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